Apostille for Federal Documents; Q and A.

Apostille for Federal Documents; Q and A with lead Apostille expediter Harry Otto.

Question: Can Westchester Apostille Services apostille Federal documents?

Answer: Yes. We can apostille federal documents but since they will be going through the New York State Department of State, and not the Federal level, it will always be the discretion of the receiving entity or country. Common Federal documents apostilled are FBI background checks. If your documents are rejected for any reason whatsoever, they will be reprocessed free of charge.

We also apostille FBI background checks in their Washington DC location at:

Office of Authentications
U.S. Department of State
600 19th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Question: Can I obtain an Apostille Stamp from you?

Answer: No. Westchester Apostille does not directly apostille your federal documents. We are expediters and apostille with the NYS Department of State. Furthermore, there is no actual apostille stamp issued. Rather, the Department of State issues an apostille serial number and issue date. Your serial number can be validated through the apostille verification system located here:


Question: What types of Apostille Background Check services do you provide?

Answer: As an apostille expediter, we do not assist in the apostille background check, we can only provide the background check authentication and apostille. Your background check must be performed at the State or Federal level first. Then you will upload your background check for apostille at http://apostilleapply.com

Question: What is involved in the Apostille Application Form?

Answer: When entering your information in http://apostilleapply.com – our system automatically generates the PDF printable apostille application form document that is forwarded to the Department of State. The completion of the form also authorizes us to pay the appropriate apostille application fees on your behalf.

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