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Apostille for Federal Documents; Q and A.

Apostille for Federal Documents; Q and A with lead Apostille expediter Harry Otto. Question: Can Westchester Apostille Services apostille Federal documents? Answer: Yes. We can apostille federal documents but since they will be going through the New York State Department of State, and not the Federal level, it will always be the discretion of the receiving entity or country. Common Federal documents apostilled are FBI background checks. If your documents are rejected for any reason whatsoever, they will be reprocessed free of charge. We also apostille FBI background checks in their Washington DC location at: Office of AuthenticationsU.S. Department of

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Birth Certificate with Apostille

Birth Certificate with an Apostille You received a passport rejection from the consulate – bad enough – with a reply indicating they required an “Apostille for Birth Certificate New York”. Now what? Obtaining the proper birth certificate with apostille New York is simple, if you understand the steps. Even if you have a copy it’s painless if you follow some simple steps. The term birth certificate with apostille isn’t entirely accurate. The better suited description would be apostille birth certificate or apostilled birth certificate. The apostille and birth certificate are actually one and the same. This is also similar when

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How is a Document Apostilled in New York?

How is a document authenticated or Apostilled in New York? More specifically, in Westchester County? Here is a breakdown of the exact process, as well as fees involved, to get your document returned to you from the New York State Department of State. This breakdown is for a simple document, such as a power of attorney, that would allow you to have someone act on your behalf in a foreign country. [ This is the DIY version of our $149 service ] Step one: you must bring your document to a Westchester County notary, such as one that you

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