How Do I Apostille A Document in New York in 2023?

Q&A: How Do I Apostille A Document in Westchester, New York?

We asked the lead apostille expediter from ApostilleApply in Westchester. This is the current news straight from Harry Otto copied from an article on

Otto stated that, as of October 21st, “currently the Department of State in New York City is back to taking walk-ins”. Otto then clarified that “the walk-ins are for normal-processing-time drop-offs, not for immediate service”.

This is the first time since Covid that the Department of State was allowing any type of walk in service whatsoever. Otto commented “it saves an entire step of making applicants mail their apostille applications to Albany”. This, Otto said, “was a confusing step in the process”.

Now applicants can take their notarized birth certificates, power of attorney or other legal docs, to the Court Clerk, and then directly to the Deprtment of State at 123 William Street in NYC.

Previously Otto said “applicants never even knew if the application got there”

Harry Otto is the lead expediter for Westchester’s largest expediting processor ApostilleApply processes application to Albany via FedEx for $149 and offers 10 day, 5 day or even same-day expedited apostille service.